Kontatto Seta Cleansing Treatment with Silk Cocoons

Facial cleansing treatment with pure silk cocoons

Ideal for all types of skins and especially for impurities

Women who work silk, while still holding their hands, in hot water, can boast a smooth and immaculate skin. The reason? The sericine, or the protein contained in the filaments produced by the silkworm, which has particular moisturizing and emollient properties.

USE MODE: after cleansing the face with the cleansing milk or with other products we pass on the cleansing of the face with BOZZOLI, each pack contains 6 cocoons, which can be used up to 3 times each. The focal point of the treatment is the massage that the operator achieves by flicking on two fingers by hand the silk cocoons, previously bathed in lukewarm water or slightly warm water. The sensation is that of a sponge on the skin that reaches every corner of the face, the sides of the forehead, the contour of the eyes, the lips, and especially the chin and the nose corners, always a place of choice for comedones and black spots. People who have unclean or acne skin can also treat twice a week, while others are enough once a month. Finally, this is a type of exfoliation that also accommodates the most delicate epidermis: in this case, just keep the cocoons longer in the water to soften them.

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