Kontatto Profes. Cream color 100 ml

KONTATTO COLOUR CREAM is a hair coloring, derived from professional experience, is an innovative product both for raw materials and for substances contained compared to others in the same category.
It has a range of colors of the latest generation, concentrated in 100 shades chosen from the best-selling on the international markets:
20 natural colors, 60 fashion colors and 20 direct colors with pure pigments of natural colors and extreme colors.

All permanent colors, are formulated to achieve a total coverage (100%) of white hair. The colors of KONTATTO PROFESSIONAL are balanced, formulated with the molar stoichiometric technique ensuring the professional user, excellent quality and best product safety.
KONTATTO PROFESSIONAL is produced in Italy with European regulations, also adhering to world standards.

KONTATTO COLOUR CREAM is presented in a 100 ml tube, has a dilution of 1:1.5; mixed with 150 ml of Oxidizing Emulsion Cream KONTATTO, allows to obtain 250 ml of coloring product, sufficient for 2 complete applications for a medium haircut.

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